Your Ideal Hire


Use The 6 Step Framework That Drives 97% Hire and Retention Success

Our executive search Ideal Hire™ Framework is based on stories and relationship formation. Relationships form most successfully and dynamically through the exchange of authentic stories. As part of our framework, we teach you exactly what candidates seek in your story – which is rooted in human psychology – and how to properly construct your story for the greatest chance of success. We also work with you to draw out those vital characteristics you seek in candidates through their stories.

HansenBack is your best guide to recruit, hire and retain your ideal executive.  We work closely with you through each of these 6 Steps to make sure every step is optimized and effective to realize hiring success:

We create your authentic company story that will illuminate, motivate and stimulate the best candidates to  action.  Addressing key candidate psychological needs is where our expertise is essential.  Your story is the one candidates want to hear.

Combining  a mathematical and personal approach we find 100-200 candidates using our advanced search methods. Today’s search methods are radically different from even 5 years ago.  We are experts in finding qualified candidates.

 Now we identify the ideal candidates through their individual story. We dig into their How’s and Why’s to discover the Who. Every candidate has great accomplishments. But we assist you in learning what the candidate values, how they work, and how they measure success.

The most important part of this framework is building an authentic relationship with your top candidate(s).  We guide you through this process using our specialized techniques that have resulted in an industry-leading 97% retention rate.

The conversations regarding the monetary aspects of the role are made easier by establishing an authentic relationship with the candidate. We will work with you to craft an offer that will be mutually acceptable. No surprises at this point.

 We personally stay in touch with the new leader to insure things are going well. Also, we utilize our strategic partners for onboarding, integration, coaching and leadership consulting as needed. These steps ensure success and longevity of the relationship.