The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Industry Average for New Executive Search Hire 18-Month Retention is only 60%

These are the facts directly from the Industry:

– Heidrick & Struggles, former CEO Kevin Kelly revealed results of an internal study of 20,000 executive searches conducted by his firm: “We’ve found that 40% of executives hired at the senior levels are pushed out, fail or quit within 18 months. It’s expensive in terms of lost revenue. It’s expensive in terms of the individual’s hiring. It’s damaging to morale”.

– Respected research, best practice, and training organizations such as the Center for Creative Leadership and the Corporate Executive Board’s Corporate Leadership Council have published similar results ranging from 40-50% failure within the first 18 months.

– Former Harvard Professor, author of The First 90 Days, and industry guru, Michael Watkins, published research results reflecting an even worse condition with 58% of the highest-priority hires, new executives hired from the outside, failing in their new position within 18 months.

Millions of dollars have been wasted on 40% bad hires. Don’t be part of this statistic!

HansenBack Has a 97% 18 Month Retention Rate