Cultural Unity Comes From Common Ideals

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More than anytime in recent history, there is great cultural division, and paradoxically, it creates a great desire for cultural unity.  Whether it’s within a corporate culture or societal culture, most people are repelled by divisiveness and conflict. It’s destructive to relationships. It stifles healthy progress. An insistent focus on things that divide people… naturally leads to more division. Common (to all) goals, ideals, and values lead to unity.  In a company… those commonalities and rallying points might be to put customers first. To serve them in the best way possible for the satisfaction of the customer, the employees, and the pride of contributing to a highly regarded organization. Other factors become secondary to jointly serving customers with excellence.  In American society, there used to be a common love and pride of country, of family, of national achievement, and of promoting the cause of freedom in the world. Today, each of [...]

Covid 19 and Thinking Beyond Digital Disruption

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Over the last several years I have heard the term “disruption” crescendo like the climax of a great symphony. It seems all organizations are striving to be a disruptor of their respective industry. Ironically, everyone is seeking it in the same place – through technology (only). I am not discounting technology; it has great promise to advance the lives of all humans and “disruption” of our world through technology needs to be pursued.  However, could there be another disruption not intimately connected to technology? Has anyone else noticed a peculiar, dare I say competitive, relationship between the advancement of technology on one side and healthy human relationships on the other. Competition is like a 2-sided scale (think of the scales of justice) - as one side rises the other falls in equilibrium – this is the essence of competition (outside of game theory). And it is not hard to see how this competitive relationship between technology and [...]

The Nuance of Hiring Great – 10 important questions and the nuances that help answer them

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My goal in writing this article is to draw you into nuance, specifically the nuance of recruiting leaders (VP to C-Suite) for your organization. I think this is vital because I see very little nuance around this process in organizations. And let’s face it, the difference between Olympic Gold and finishing dead last lies simply in the nuance. For clarity purposes I will ask a series of questions to contrast what I see organizations doing and the nuanced moves they could make to elevate their recruiting. How do you define “Interview Process”? It ALL starts here. As simple as this may seem most do not define it properly (if at all) and what follows is less than optimal performance. NUANCE: An interview process is a relationship evaluation and formation process. Once this is understood the mutual aspect of getting to know someone and allowing them to get to know you enriches [...]

Why most companies get at least half of their interview process wrong; and how to make it right

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It may sound absurd to claim most companies get at least 50% of their interview process wrong, but please allow me to explain. My main premise is the idea that details matter more when great pressure is applied to a situation. Think of playing in the Boston Symphony. It is the peak of instrumental performance – the place where the pressure to perform is at its highest; the place where the greatest amount of detail is necessary in order to deliver maximum performance. Most leaders understand the great pressure around identifying, attracting and hiring the right talent in today’s business climate. With that understanding, the recruitment detail on which I would like to focus is the nuanced definition of an interview process. I understand everyone has an idea of what an interview process is and have probably not given the definition much (if any) thought. Give it a try; how would [...]

Cultural and Relational Fit On Your Executive Team

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There’s a lot written about corporate culture when it comes to retaining top talent, and that is an important factor. However, retention is more a result of great relationships than a great culture. Culture and Relationship are sometimes confused; however, they are distinctly different factors. A great culture can flow from great relationships, and a toxic culture can result from poor relationships. The two are not exclusive of each other, however, they are not interchangeable either. Our firm emphasizes relational fit when placing executive leaders because relationship is ultimately the greatest factor in the long-term success of an individual. Certainly, strong technical and functional competencies have to be there, however, without a solid relational foundation, a new hire is not likely to last. It’s commonly understood that people tend to leave because of bosses and peers, not the organization. It’s about relationship more than culture. “Culture” is defined in many ways [...]

You keep talking but I don’t trust what you are saying

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I have worked closely with dozens if not 100 organizations and have also interviewed well over 1,000 people through the course of my career. This experience has provided a fascinating view of human behavior. The behavior of which I wish to discuss today revolves around the discovery of truth. People have a very interesting relationship with truth and all its ramifications, including me. I would like to focus this article on what organizations and candidates alike do with regards to discovery and how it has bugged me for over 2 decades. Admittedly, I did not know why it bothered me so much until I was finally able to put my finger on it. I’ll start with organizations. When an organization engages me on a search for a new executive the first step I take with them is a discovery process; me discovering them. It is here that I start to create the narrative that will be taken to [...]

The Corporate Community in a Divided World

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We live in a world split apart, and the divides are getting wider and the chasms deeper. The exasperation of everything makes the challenge seem overwhelming and unsolvable. It is here that organizations of all sizes have a unique opportunity. Recently I stumbled across a blog post by Chip Gaines of the popular TV show Fixer Upper. In the post Chip promotes the idea of kindness in the world. I think this is a good instinct and his post is a good place to start this article. Chip comments; “I believe that we are all made in likeness, and because of that, our hearts are naturally drawn toward one another.” I too believe this is true. No one likes to be lonely. We are naturally inclined to seek community, whether the community is a healthy one (church communities) or not (street gangs) – people want to belong to something. Chip focuses the post on making the choice of seeing how we are [...]

Do your interview techniques REVEAL & ATTRACT the best candidates? Part II

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Last month I shared an article about evaluating and attracting candidates through a simple interviewing technique. You can see that article here. This month I am turning the tables from seeking the story of the candidate to telling your (corporate) story. Again, if this is done well, it attracts and reveals the best candidates. I have often commented that interviewing is a relationship-formation process – one which involves mutuality. Both parties sharing who they are and exploring the other.  In other words, an authentic getting to know each other. There are some companies (not a lot) that do a great job of getting to know candidates but very few that do a great job of understanding how to share their own story in a revealing and attractive manner to candidates. What are companies missing you ask? Well, that is what I will share with you today. For starters, telling your (corporate) story requires the same approach that a candidate is required to follow when telling [...]

Don’t let your employee brand disappoint new hires

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My job for the last 20+ years has been to help companies identify, attract, evaluate, hire and retain professionals. The retention part of my role is less obvious - I will discuss this later in the article. For now, I would like to talk about the “attracting candidates” part of my job. Everyone understands there is tremendous pressure on the labor market for the right type of talent. Organizations have worked hard to create strategies in response to this great challenge. The most common strategy undertaken has been the creation of an employee brand. The hope of the brand is to create an employer of choice perception in the broader candidate marketplace and an employer of choice reality for all current employees. Overall, the idea of an employee brand is good, however, the means by which the brand is used in recruiting has gotten completely upside down. How it is currently [...]

What is Truth? A Recruiters Perspective

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For starters, Veritas (Truth) is Harvard’s motto. This motto was challenged in a most provocative way by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn during his commencement speech at Harvard in 1978, and it was recounted in a talk by prominent contemporary philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft who was present for that speech. Kreeft touts it as “one of the greatest speeches in the history of civilization.” If you are interested, here is Dr. Kreeft’s recounting: Kreeft on Solzhenitsyn. Why raise the question of truth today? For starters, this is a question that has echoed up and down the ages and still reverberates loudly through our culture today. The idea of bowing to an objective truth is foreign to our culture. We all have our own belief systems, attitudes and world views that shape the truths of our lives. Does this sound familiar? “Don’t tell me your truth is true if it differs from mine.” As if truth is subjective, which I don’t believe it is. [...]