Is your recruiter a self-professed matchmaker? Not me, I am a storyteller

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If you work with a recruiter or are a recruiter who professes to be a great matchmaker, I would urge you, for good reason, to read the remainder of this article. When I was just out of college one of my aunts – one I saw often and for whom I had great affection, decided to set me up with a young lady with whom she worked. My loving aunt knew me well and got to know this young lady quite well also. Out of this abundance of “knowing,” she was convinced this setup would lead to heavenly bliss for the two of us. Now I am sure you could see this coming, but it was the single most awkward date I have ever experienced. Ask me sometime, and I will gladly tell the whole story. “What went wrong,” you ask? Presumption. You see, my aunt knew only snippets of who I was at my core. Does anyone [...]