High Performance Leadership Requires Intolerance & Transcendence

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Intolerance: I am uncomfortable with the way in which the media shapes our perception of ideas and words. For example, the idea of being intolerant is a label with which the media vilifies people, but here is the truth; I am intolerant, you are intolerant, everyone is intolerant…and everyone is right.  Do you tolerate murder, rape, theft? Of course not. That said, we can and should tolerate many things, but we should never tolerate injustice. It is precisely why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice resonates so loudly to this day. He would not tolerate being chained by the injustice of prejudice and racism. Understanding intolerance demands an understanding of injustice as the two are inexorably linked. We should always be intolerant of those attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that lead to, or propagate, injustice. Transcendence: The question is then, how do we determine what is just, and therefore, what should be tolerated? Should we follow the court of public (or popular) opinion? Should [...]