Cultural Unity Comes From Common Ideals

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More than anytime in recent history, there is great cultural division, and paradoxically, it creates a great desire for cultural unity.  Whether it’s within a corporate culture or societal culture, most people are repelled by divisiveness and conflict. It’s destructive to relationships. It stifles healthy progress. An insistent focus on things that divide people… naturally leads to more division. Common (to all) goals, ideals, and values lead to unity.  In a company… those commonalities and rallying points might be to put customers first. To serve them in the best way possible for the satisfaction of the customer, the employees, and the pride of contributing to a highly regarded organization. Other factors become secondary to jointly serving customers with excellence.  In American society, there used to be a common love and pride of country, of family, of national achievement, and of promoting the cause of freedom in the world. Today, each of [...]

Tragedy, Quarantines, and Your Personal and Professional Relationships

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A close friend and his wife are burying their 16-month-old son this afternoon (Tuesday, April 14, 2020). He succumbed, after a 7-month battle through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and a multitude of other treatments, to a rare form of brain cancer. It’s a tragedy that is never supposed to happen. A young child dying long before their parents. And yet… In the heartbreak of this tragedy, there has been an amazing bright light throughout the journey. People stepped-up, and other people were deeply impacted by it all. The family was surrounded and cared for by an enormous number of people they knew, and by literally hundreds they didn’t know. People who prayed, provided encouragement, money, food, housework, yard work, and so much more. People and churches from other parts of the country, that didn’t know them personally, sent hope and provision, reassurance and inspiration. They were gifted the ability to fulfill a [...]

Does Your Diversity & Inclusion Program Produce The Wrong Kind Of Diversity?

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Virtually every business leader today is pressed to consider Diversity & Inclusion in their organizations. How that’s defined will dramatically inform how it’s implemented and will either enhance or detract from an organization’s culture. There is a great value for leaders, teams, organizations, and for employees to have significant diversity in the workplace. Diversity of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and of ways of thinking can improve outcomes. And it’s generally true that diversity of race, gender, etc. does bring varying perspectives… which is healthy for an organization. However, when diversity is only about counting noses based on externally visible characteristics, it ignores the benefit that comes from diversity of thought, perspectives, and ideas. Two people that are similar in age, both come from a traditional family structure, both from similar urban neighborhoods, both of the same religion, both raised with similar values, both with similar education, however, of different races… don’t really [...]

Cultural and Relational Fit On Your Executive Team

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There’s a lot written about corporate culture when it comes to retaining top talent, and that is an important factor. However, retention is more a result of great relationships than a great culture. Culture and Relationship are sometimes confused; however, they are distinctly different factors. A great culture can flow from great relationships, and a toxic culture can result from poor relationships. The two are not exclusive of each other, however, they are not interchangeable either. Our firm emphasizes relational fit when placing executive leaders because relationship is ultimately the greatest factor in the long-term success of an individual. Certainly, strong technical and functional competencies have to be there, however, without a solid relational foundation, a new hire is not likely to last. It’s commonly understood that people tend to leave because of bosses and peers, not the organization. It’s about relationship more than culture. “Culture” is defined in many ways [...]

Great Leadership Teams Are Built On A Foundation Of Trust

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Our firm always emphasizes that the primary way to move the needle from the 60% industry average 18-month retention rate of new executive hires, to the 97% that our process produces, is to take relationship formation seriously. To potential corporate clients we talk to, however, “relationship formation” often sounds squishy, and difficult to measure. People inherently ARE difficult to measure. As I’ve written before, human beings cannot be reduced to a pile of data that makes all their behavior calculable. While assessment data can be helpful, and insightful, it is not a foolproof predictor of future performance. Nothing is... just look at the disappointing track record of Heisman Trophy recipients once they get to the NFL. An assessment from their college performance would provide a tremendous data point regarding their success at the next level. However, the percentage of them that become strong performers as a pro is small. Strengths and [...]

Authenticity and Data When Making Key Hiring Decisions

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If your executive hiring is becoming more and more of an objective, scientific, data-driven process, I have one question … how’s that been working for you? The reality is, the more personality assessments, skill assessments, task exercises, and data accumulating processes become available and utilized, the average tenure of senior executives continues to decline. While assessment data can add some insight… If you’re hoping to hire a sentient human being, they are not simply defined by data! Often, organizations want to accrue a critical mass of data to be able to evaluate the results and hopefully make a “wise” decision. Alternatively, or sometimes concurrently, they expect candidates to “sell” themselves as to why they are the best person for the job. The candidate with the best presentation wins. While many of those assessment tools have value in providing insights, and a great presenter tends to give reassurance, neither method is a [...]

How to Utilize the Ideal Hire Framework for Successful Executive Recruiting

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The HansenBack executive search Ideal Hire™ Framework is based on compelling story creation and relationship formation.  Successful executive search relationships form most successfully and dynamically through the exchange of authentic stories.  As part of our framework, we teach you exactly what candidates seek in your story – which is rooted in human psychology –  and how to properly construct your story for the greatest chance of success.  We also work with you to draw out those vital characteristics you seek in candidates through their stories. HansenBack is your best executive recruiter partner to help you recruit, hire and retain your ideal executive.  We work closely with you through each of these 6 Steps to make sure every step is optimized and effective to realize hiring success: Create Your Story – We create your authentic company story that will illuminate, motivate and stimulate the best candidates to  action.  Addressing key candidate psychological [...]

An Appeal to Recruiters to Raise the Bar!

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As in any business, the world of Recruiters, Headhunters, Executive Search Professionals, etc. includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are those in it for some good cash for now, and those in it to build a great long-term sustainable business. But how to tell the wheat from the chaff? This industry is characterized by a glut of new recruiters when times are good, and dramatic reductions when times get tough. It’s an easy business to get into, but it’s a tough business to stay in during economic downturns. I often tell people -  “This is a business that, when times are good, there’s almost nothing better. There’s a lot of relatively easy money to be made. However, when times are bad, there’s almost nothing worse. The ‘gravy train’ dries up very quickly and companies recruiting budgets disappear.” Key Attributes of Successful Recruiters There are a number of factors that [...]

Want to Flourish Professionally?  Here is The Recruiting Groove That Will Save You From A Demoralizing Rut

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Ask any biologist and they will be quick to confirm that extreme habitual safety is actually hazardous to living organisms.  Many people naturally seek safe and comfortable environments or patterns of living that could be dangerous to their well-being.  Here is an example to demonstrate the biological danger.  If you plant a tree in an office building, the tree will continue to grow until it becomes too top heavy and topples.  It topples because the roots never develop as the tree lives in an extremely safe environment – never buffeted by a rain, wind or snow.    Challenging yourself is uncomfortable and often requires some pain and suffering – but it is critical if you want to weather life’s storms. Embracing Challenge and Change to Drive Success Successful people ardently pursue their groove in life.  That groove is the habitual effort to challenge and thus transform themselves.  Everything else is likely a [...]

Key Considerations When Hiring a Top Human Resources Executive

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When contemplating adding or replacing a CHRO or VP of HR for your organization, many considerations can come to bear. Defining what a good HR executive should, or could, do for you is an important first step. HR leadership roles are often viewed through differing lenses with different priorities. The HR Compliance Specialist Federal, State and local laws and regulations regarding recruiting, employee status, benefits and a myriad of other factors involving employment in an organization can be daunting. Staying on top of current compliance and regulatory changes is a necessary priority for any size of organization. When a corporate leader wants to make sure the organization is compliant and wants to mitigate risk, it is easy to see the need to have an executive leader they can trust to give those considerations proper focus. The Compensation & Benefits Guru Clearly, the cost and complexity of employee benefits and strategic compensation [...]