What is the True ROI for Executive Recruiters?

When you need to hire a new leader in your organization, there are multiple ways to go about the task: Network among your own peers, contacts, and acquaintances to solicit referrals and recommendations. Rely on an individual in your organization to handle the search for you, counting on their resources and expertise to produce the desired result. Create a search committee or task a group to communally attempt to find an acceptable hire. or… Engage an Executive Recruiter to direct [...]

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Do your interview techniques REVEAL & ATTRACT the best candidates?

Curiosity Curiosity may kill the cat, but it enlightens the world. I am sure many thousands of people saw apples fall from a tree, but Newton asked why, and the world became a bit more enlightened. Curiosity requires an opening of the heart and the mind. The heart is required because not everything can be known mathematically/scientifically. Your disposition as an interviewer is important as you seek to understand the person across the table. Be curious; have a sincere desire to know the person [...]

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What is Truth? A Recruiters Perspective

For starters, Veritas (Truth) is Harvard’s motto. This motto was challenged in a most provocative way by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn during his commencement speech at Harvard in 1978, and it was recounted in a talk by prominent contemporary philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft who was present for that speech. Kreeft touts it as “one of the greatest speeches in the history of civilization.” If you are interested, here is Dr. Kreeft’s recounting: Kreeft on Solzhenitsyn. Why raise the question of truth today? For starters, this is a [...]

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High Performance Leadership Requires Intolerance & Transcendence

Intolerance: I am uncomfortable with the way in which the media shapes our perception of ideas and words. For example, the idea of being intolerant is a label with which the media vilifies people, but here is the truth; I am intolerant, you are intolerant, everyone is intolerant…and everyone is right.  Do you tolerate murder, rape, theft? Of course not. That said, we can and should tolerate many things, but we should never tolerate injustice. It is precisely why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice [...]

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Is your recruiter a self-professed matchmaker? Not me, I am a storyteller

If you work with a recruiter or are a recruiter who professes to be a great matchmaker, I would urge you, for good reason, to read the remainder of this article. When I was just out of college one of my aunts – one I saw often and for whom I had great affection, decided to set me up with a young lady with whom she worked. My loving aunt knew me well and got to know this young lady [...]

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