The Executive Recruiting Facts are Not in Your Favor – But You Can Radically Improve Your Hiring Success by Partnering with HansenBack

The Executive Recruiting industry average executive retention rate after 18 months is only 60%

The HansenBack executive 18 month retention rate is 97%

This radical improvement is due to our unique Ideal Hire™ Framework. 

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Our Ideal Hire™ Framework Drives Successful Recruiting

Your 6 Step System for Hiring Success

All our Clients use the 6 step Ideal Hire Framework that has a 97% success record. We have been honing this executive recruiting system for over 30 years in our pursuit of recruiting great executives. This framework is focused on building honest authentic relationships that are the key to a successful hire and long term retention.  As part of our strategic framework, we teach you how to utilize this approach in a transparent manner that will undoubtedly attract the very best talent!

HansenBack Ideal Hire Framework


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You have a story. We’ll help you tell it.

Candidate’s have a story. We’ll help you discover it.

HansenBack – We help great stories find each other

HansenBack Solves Your Key Executive Recruiting Challenges

You want to hire a great executive who fits your team long term. You know using an executive recruiting firm is the right way to proceed, but who should you choose? Ask and get answers to these key questions to find your best executive recruiting firm:

  • Are they a credible firm who has demonstrated hiring and retention success over decades?

  • Will I work exclusively with the Principles of the firm?

  • Will the Principals personally conduct the search process start to finish and meet time-constrained deadlines?

  • Does the executive recruiting firm have a proven framework that drives success?

  • Does the firm specialize in crafting my company story to be compelling and attract top candidates?

  • Are they search experts using state-of-the-art tools and techniques?

  • Do they have expertise in discovering the authentic stories of the ideal candidates?

  • Are they experts in crafting an authentic relationship between me and the ideal candidate?

  • Do they have an excellent track record of creating and closing offers?

  • Do they have on-boarding and leadership consulting capabilities with a record of 97% retention after 18 months?

HansenBack is one of the only executive recruiting firms in the country who can answer YES to all 10 of these key questions. We are happy to walk you through our solutions to each of these executive recruiting qualification questions.  


Our Client Success Stories 

“Seriously dude you are killing this recruitment business.”

Roy Snell • CEO

“Brian was extraordinarily helpful to us in our CEO search, identifying and helping us land a highly qualified candidate who was not on the radar of the search committee. I could not be happier with the level of professionalism and insight he brought to the CEO search and the support he provided the search committee!”

Dan Roach • Board of Directors

“We are interviewing high level people and everyone that has commented, said that Brian is like no other recruiter they have worked with and that his approach is the way it ought to be done.”

Roy Snell • CEO