What Distinguishes Hansen Back?

We offer executive search and leadership consulting, all designed to help your company maximize its most important asset – its employees. Maximizing the outcomes derived by employees first requires identifying the right ones for your organization.  This is no easy task, but one in which we are experts.

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You have a story. We’ll help you tell it.

Candidate’s have a story. We’ll help you discover it.

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It’s all about relationship. Period.

We are an executive search firm focused on relationship facilitation.  We believe that the employee / employer relationship, when properly formed, is the key to a successful hire.  Like the formation of all relationships, mutuality between the participants is imperative.  As part of our strategy, we teach you how to enter into this approach in a transparent manner that will undoubtedly attract the very best talent!

Hansen Back considers itself a partner in your executive search.  We work with you to develop the most effective recruitment strategy for your unique needs and requirements

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A good executive recruiter will get to know the “hows & whys” behind their client’s and candidate’s stories, not simply the “whats.” All companies will quickly tell you what their strategies are, what their weaknesses are, what their values are, what their assets are, what their liabilities are, what they are good at, and what they struggle with; it will not be until we know the “hows & whys” that the story will come to life.

Likewise, candidates will quickly share what targets they hit, what numbers they achieved, what efficiencies they gained, what awards they won and so on. ALL candidates can provide a list of what they did – typically laid out beautifully in their resumes. However, we must get to know a candidate beyond simply what they did. Frankly, the “whats” are virtually the same from resume to resume and are therefore not compelling. We must get to the life of the story…the hows & whys.

“Seriously dude you are killing this recruitment business.”

Roy Snell • CEO

“Brian was extraordinarily helpful to us in our CEO search, identifying and helping us land a highly qualified candidate who was not on the radar of the search committee. I could not be happier with the level of professionalism and insight he brought to the CEO search and the support he provided the search committee!”

Dan Roach • Board of Directors

“We are interviewing high level people and everyone that has commented, said that Brian is like no other recruiter they have worked with and that his approach is the way it ought to be done.”

Roy Snell • CEO

What Makes Us Unique

What makes Hansen Back unique is understanding what it is we are trying to execute – NOT an academic exercise and NOT a sales process – but a relationship formation process.

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