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“Brian quickly became my number one choice for Executive Recruitment after the first time working with him. His focus on story is what leads to a successful match.”

Angie Robinson • VP Human Resources


Brian Back executive search consulting




Bios often tell us what someone has done – not how or why they do it.  That said, I understand what I have done may be important, but I desire to share with you why I have chosen to do executive search for so long and how I view it.

I thoroughly enjoy exploring and learning about the gifts of individual people.  Because of the uniqueness of every individual, this process of exploration truly provides unmatched variety in my job.  This variety keeps me inspired every day.

The crux of why I love my work is seeing the interconnectedness of people.  Although we are unique individuals, we all need each other.  We need great people around us to make us great.  No one is great on their own, NO one.

Helping organizations and individuals navigate these ‘choppy’ waters is definitely more art than science.  The ability to learn about and align a uniquely gifted individual into a team of interconnected relationships, which all are striving toward the same ideal, is very gratifying work.


Tiffany Hansen executive search consultant




Growing up in a small, rural farming community in Wisconsin greatly impacted the way I look at the world. I believe everyone has a place and wakes up with the intent to work hard and do their best. My passion is simple – helping people and organizations align so that they can both achieve their full potential!

My background includes over 17 years in human resource leadership working with organizations ranging from Fortune 100 to entrepreneurial startups. A few important things I’ve learned during this time are:

* People don’t intentionally try to do poorly at their job – they generally don’t meet organizational expectations because of misaligned expectations. In general, everyone wants to do well.

* Most recruiters are client centric which produces what the client needs and thereby misses what the candidate needs.

In my experience from both a human resources leader trying to fill key positions for my company and as an executive search recruiter, the key to addressing these issues is building relationships. Throughout my career I have spent years developing leadership development, onboarding and coaching strategies aimed to attract, retain, and develop successful leaders. All of this work still boils down to relationships: developing relationships, creating trusting relationships, and mutually beneficial relationships.

This is what led me to start Hansen Back.

By bringing my organizational development experiences to the table, I provide not only a better hire but a more successful leader for the organization. I also create a better experience for the candidate in which their goals are met. Our process enables people to wake up and do their best in an organization that not only recognizes their contributions but thrives because of them.


We work with you to develop the most effective recruitment strategy for your unique needs and requirements.
Here some of the recently completed career searches that we have helped fullfill:


CFO, Wholesaler

VP Human Resources, Service

VP Marketing, Food Service

CFO, Non-Profit

Finance Director, Healthcare

VP Finance, Healthcare

Director of Operations, Service