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Some organizations approach the interview primarily as an academic process; a series of assessments, verbal and written tests, etc. Others approach it primarily as a sales process; requiring candidates to sell themselves against the question “Why should we hire you?”

Over two decades on the front line of the war for talent has told us it is neither of the above.

What makes Hansen Back unique is understanding what it is we are primarily trying to execute – not an academic process and not a sales process, but a relationship formation process.

The goal of the process is getting to know a candidate more deeply/personally and thereby dramatically increasing the possibility of forming a strong, successful and long-term relationship. Now that we understand WHAT we are doing the real differentiator lies in HOW we do it.

Forming relationships in a severely time-constrained process is very challenging. Our success is predicated on our knowledge that relationships form on the backs of great storytelling. Stories illuminate, clarify, and deepen understanding. We help facilitate this exchange of stories to help the process move in a timely and effective manner. If done well, everything will be laid bare for both parties to clearly see. And with clear sight comes successful decision making.

Executive talent acquisition specialists

“Brian’s passion, integrity and commitment to his work is infectious, and his unique ability to meaningfully connect with people, priceless.”

Barb Colombo • Director, Health Care Compliance Program; Professor of Law