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How it works

It’s all about relationship. period.

Our executive search focuses on relationship formation.  Relationships form most successfully and dynamically through the exchange of authentic stories.  As part of our strategy, we teach you exactly what candidates seek in your story – which is rooted in human psychology and must be understood for the greatest chance of success.  We also work with you to draw out those vital characteristics you seek in candidates through their stories.

Hansen Back considers itself a partner in your executive search.  We work with you to develop the most effective recruitment strategy for your unique needs and requirements; however, the basic framework is detailed below:

Discovery – Your Story

Most companies have a story to tell and some even invest a fair amount of marketing dollars to tell it, however, what a candidate considering joining your company needs to hear is oftentimes not addressed in the corporate narrative. Addressing these “psychological” needs is where our expertise comes in. We acquire the specific aspects of your story that candidates need to hear. This is NOT a manipulated story, it is simply a story with the elements necessary to fulfill basic human desires. Frankly, most candidates are not consciously aware of these desires – but they still require them to make a job change.

Search – A Mathematical AND Personal Approach

The math here is simple; find 100 – 200 resume appropriate candidates. Then personally reach out to each one with your candidate focused narrative – a narrative that addresses the candidate’s deepest psychological needs.

Progress Reports – Communication

Open lines of communication are essential. We will establish a regular rhythm to our communications – and be available for any ad hoc conversation along the way. A dashboard report will be provided weekly to make sure all are on the same page.

Interviews + Assessment – Candidate Discovery

Like uncovering the elements of a corporate story, we now must uncover who the candidate is through their story or stories. We assist you in learning who candidates are as people first and as professionals second. This will help you understand candidates beyond simply what they have done. All executives have an impressive list of things they have done. Successful long-term relationships are primarily formed by understanding who the candidate is…and secondly by what they have done.

Offer – No Surprises

By this stage of the process many conversations regarding the monetary aspect of the relationship have been discussed with you and the candidate. We will work with you on crafting an offer that will be mutually acceptable. There will be no surprises at this point in the process.

Follow Up – Consulting Partners

In addition to personally remaining in touch with the new leader, we work with our strategic partners to provide onboarding, integration, coaching and leadership consulting as needed. We firmly believe these types of investments are great ways to ensure the success and longevity of the new relationship.






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